Caring for our world, so it can care for us.

From the air we breathe, to the food we eat and the fragrances in our shampoo, our environment is one of the seven key factors that influence our wellbeing.

We live in a world in which companies often choose to disregard the importance of conserving our planet's precious resources for the purpose of profit. This greed has a profound detrimental impact not only on our environment, but on our health too.

The mining of iron and burning of coal has led to our oceans becoming contaminated with mercury. Air pollution is a major cause for cancers, disease and death. And the United Nation's chief of environment has stated that the rise of coronavirus clearly indicates that 'Nature is sending us a message'.

That's why we make it our business to support sustainable and ethically conscious brands.

We recognise that it’s not always easy being green. It involves a lot of label reading, research and hard work. That's why we want to help you welcome easy, sustainable ways of wellbeing into your home.

Whether we're ensuring that our fish oils are derived from eco-friendly fisheries, helping you purify tap water in your home, or giving you sustainable ways to build muscle in the gym, we hope that we can make being green simple.

We're also devoted to reducing to plastic. Our homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures always come in glass bottles, and whenever possible, our supplements do too. We are also proud to have partnered with HK Recycles, having launched our 'Bring Back' recycling programme.

We understand that the definition of sustainability no longer fits within a recycling bin. As well as caring for our environment, we are also committed to caring for our community. That's why we champion companies like HK Recycles, who employ and train those from marginalised communities in Hong Kong; and LUUNA, who dedicate 10% of their purchase funds to providing period products for those most vulnerable across Asia.

Our pledge to our planet means we are continually, and actively, working towards sourcing all of our goods from environmentally conscious companies. The shortlist of our favourite picks includes:

Is your favourite sustainable brand missing from our list? Let us know.