Supporting our community

From free talks and education on well-being to free mindfulness classes and charitable giving, we, at IMI, are committed to supporting our community. We’re all connected, and we want to do our part to ensure health is accessible to each and everyone.

Free talks and education on health and healing

Over the years we’ve offered hundreds of talks and workshops to educate and empower people to achieve optimal wellbeing. During the pandemic, our in-person events are on pause, but know that we’re still here for you as we continue to offer talks and videos online.

Free mindfulness classes every Monday

Our mindfulness facilitators donate their time every Monday to offer a free class, available to all. They share different practices and techniques to help you through stressful times with more calm, connection and ease. Now available online. Connect here for more information and to register.

Health education

Our Wellness Insider is a free monthly publication with high quality, and well-researched information across all areas of natural health and well-being, courtesy of our practitioners. Sign up to receive a free copy, direct to your inbox.

Supporting local charities

We give 100% of all donations from our free mindfulness classes to our nominated annual charity, VIVA, and we donate to various causes throughout the year including, but not limited to OCD & Anxiety Support Hong Kong, Christian Action, Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pro-bono and discounted consultations

Many of our practitioners give consultations free of charge or at a reduced rate to people such as refugees who need our support but who can’t afford it.