Protect against Covid-19 with these supplements

  • Wed, 04/20/2022 - 18:23
  • Protect against Covid-19 with these supplements
  • by IMI health

How can you protect yourself from Covid?

If you’re wondering how to protect yourself from Covid, then this article is for you. Our practitioners have broken down the key supplements you need for Covid, covering everything from preventative care, to recovery.

While there is no single remedy for Covid, there are things we can do to strengthen our body, before during and after illness.

Our practitioners’ at-home immune kit is designed to tackle nutritional deficiencies which can weaken our immunity; support some of the challenges coronavirus presents if you do become ill; and give your body exactly what it needs to heal post-illness.


Preventative care

While the best way to prevent Covid is by taking the vaccine, there are additional supplements you can take to boost your immunity for Covid. With these 4 supplements in your arsenal, you’ll ensure your immunity is in tip-top shape and prepared to fight off any flu or virus.

Vitamin C

Able to bolster lung and respiratory function, vitamin C is key to strong immunity. It aids the production of white blood cells, helping them function more effectively, and has been proven to reduce the length of time you’re sick. It also reduces stress, which can otherwise inhibit your immune response.


A recent study by the Chinese University Hong Kong has directly linked an imbalanced gut microbiome to more severe cases of Covid, and long Covid. Replenishing the good bacteria in your gut with a potent probiotic prior to infection brings your gut back into balance, reducing the severity of symptoms, and helping you get over Covid quickly.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 strengthens lung and respiratory function, while raising levels of SIgA, an antibody which acts as our first line of defence against viruses. Deficiencies are described as a ‘worldwide epidemic’, and research has shown that those with deficiencies are 14 times more likely to have a severe case of Covid, making supplementation essential.


Zinc’s anti-inflammatory powers strengthen lung function when your immune system is under stress. By increasing antioxidant activity in cells, it also nourishes respiratory health. Zinc's abilities don't just stop there. This nutrient is vital for providing symptomatic relief from viruses as well as protecting against them.


Coping with Covid

If you’re wondering how to get over Covid quickly, you’ll find your answer in these supplements. All five of these nutrients have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, which aid recovery. Add any two of them to your preventative regime, as soon as you notice symptoms of illness.


Curcumin has been identified as a supportive, immune-boosting nutrient in the face of coronavirus. It’s one of nature’s most potent antioxidants and possesses anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been shown to prevent viruses from invading the cells inside your body, as well as preventing viral replication, for speedier recovery.


Studies on Covid patients reveal the importance of reducing oxidative stress when you become ill- which is why a powerful antioxidant like glutathione is key. Studies also suggest that glutathione plays a supportive role when it comes to Covid, helping ease the inflammation which can lead to more severe symptoms.


Formulas featuring Andrographis, a potent botanical, are also useful for treating symptoms of Covid. Andrographis is commonly used in Thailand to treat mild cases of Covid, with 99% of those treated making a full recovery.


NAC is another powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and scientists have proven that it’s able to reduce inflammation and improve lung function in Covid patients. Its mucolytic properties help break up mucus, for symptomatic relief.


Quercetin inhibits the replication of several respiratory viruses, reducing the duration of illness. It works synergistically with vitamin C which enhances its antiviral effects. Quercetin also helps support a more diverse gut microbiome for better immunity.


Post-illness recovery

Your body has been through it. During recovery, you’re looking to kick-start your health, and feel more like yourself again. These supplements act as safety measures after Covid, designed to help heal your mind and body for a fresh start.


Multivitamins help reboot your body while you’re in recovery, providing a full range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This is particularly important, as it’s common that those with Covid experience reduced appetite following illness, so supplementing with a potent multi ensures that your body gets all it needs to get back to feeling your best.

Fish Oil

Restorative for both mind and body, fish oil gives you the boost you need after illness to get back to your best. This anti-inflammatory helps reduce any excess inflammation caused by fighting off infection.

Adaptogenic herbs

Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, Siberian ginseng and Rhodiola rosea offer respite from stress and insomnia- which is key to healing. Covid is commonly known for causing mental fog, even after testing negative, which is why adaptogens are key, as they improve cognitive performance and memory.


In Summary

We hope this article provides you with some of the tools you need to recover from Covid at home.

Please note that though these supplements offer care before, during and after infection, they are not a substitute for the Covid vaccine.

As Covid has developed, more and more new strains have emerged. You may want to boost your immunity for omnicron or delta, but simply providing your body with some extra support from probiotics, vitamins C & D and zinc will yield the same results: a strong immunity, ready to fight off viruses.

You may also be wondering how long it will take you to recover from Covid, but the truth is that your recovery will be individual to you, just as your body is. These supplements help provide your body with a healthy baseline, boosting common deficiencies which are key to better immune function.

Alongside any supplements, remember to create lots of time for rest and to drink plenty of water for a speedy recovery. We hope you feel better soon.