Introducing the IMI Clinical Multivitamin

  • Tue, 02/07/2023 - 21:13
  • Introducing the IMI Clinical Multivitamin
  • by IMI health

We love our multivitamin. Designed by our naturopaths to meet the needs of your body and mind, we think it’s the best formula around.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s get into the science behind its formula.

Key benefits

We created IMI Clinical Multivitamin Powder to meet many of your health needs, including; anti-aging benefits for your brain, heart and liver; better brain and nervous system function; pollution protection; better immune function.

But how exactly does our multi achieve this?

Anti-aging benefits for your organs

Multivitamins rarely contain lithium, but ours does. Why?

A safe but effective microdose of lithium helps extend your brain’s life span, supporting brain function as you age. Lithium is also neuroprotective, preventing damage caused by oxidative stress while supporting neurogenesis, helping your brain grow new neurons. [1]

Our multivitamin contains a particularly potent form of vitamin E called tocotrienols, which are 50 times more effective than regular forms of vitamin E for protecting your heart and brain health.

The antioxidant qualities of bioflavonoids, quercetin and resveratrol further support organ longevity, skin and blood vessel health.

Designed for better brain and nervous system function

Our multivitamin is high in magnesium, zinc and B vitamins for better brain and nervous system function.

IMI Clinical Multivitamin contains superior, easily absorbed forms of magnesium at a therapeutic dose. Magnesium helps activate our parasympathetic nervous system, the same system which is induced by meditation. This helps support better sleep and reduced stress levels, allowing your body and mind to rest and heal.

Zinc nourishes brain health, improving concentration, energy levels and mood.

Active B vitamins support healthy energy production, as well as reducing stress levels. Studies have shown that B vitamins can help prevent burnout. [2]

Lithium helps stimulate the productivity of GABA: a calming neurotransmitter which helps stabilise mood. [3]

Pollution protection and detox

Choline is key for detoxification, yet is a nutrient that nearly all of us miss in our diet. That’s why our multi contains a high dose (150mg) which is the perfect amount for supplementing what the average diet is missing.

NAC (a crucial, but hard to obtain nutrient) also aids detox by supporting the production of glutathione in your body, the ‘master’ antioxidant. It works synergistically with taurine, alpha lipoic acid and other nutrients to maximise its protective benefits- which are essential in a city with high pollution like Hong Kong.

Immune function

We built our multivitamin to nourish your immunity too, including key vitamins C and D as well as zinc, and selenium.

Vitamins A and E offer additional antioxidant support for your immunity, alongside phytonutrients. This helps reduce oxidative stress, which otherwise may impair your immune system.

Bioavailable and synergistic nutrients

Our multivitamin has been formulated to ensure it is easily absorbed by your body and that its nutrients complement one another for maximum benefits.

IMI Clinical Multivitamin is delivered in powder format, which is easier absorbed than pills or capsules. In fact, one serving of our multi is equivalent to taking 6 standard multivitamin capsules.

It features chelated minerals, which have been attached to amino acids to improve bioavailability (one of the key hallmarks of a great multivitamin formula).

The B vitamins are delivered in their active forms, to ensure that everyone can absorb them properly. Around 1/3 of the population has an MTHFR gene mutation which means they cannot absorb B vitamins unless delivered in their active form. Our formula also features folate instead of folic acid for optimal absorption.

IMI Clinical Multivitamin features synergistic combinations of nutrients, like vitamin D and K, as well as NAC alongside taurine and alpha lipoic acid.

Instead of providing vitamin E in its regular form, which can be hard for the body to absorb, we’ve provided it in the form of  tocotrienols and tocopherols, which offer many more benefits as well as better bioavailability.

Formulated with care

The IMI multi has been formulated by our naturopaths, and produced in the USA by SFI, the same manufacturers of Klaire Labs, renowned worldwide for their industry-leading formulas.

IMI Clinical Multivitamin has been third party tested for purity: rigorously tested to ensure it’s free from heavy metals, toxins, contaminants, unnecessary fillers and artificial colours. The dosages of each nutrient have been cross-checked with the label and confirmed via testing.

Our multi is hypoallergenic and safe for all to use.

Made with families in mind

Its powder formula means it’s easy to adapt dosages for kids of all ages. Sweetened naturally with monkfruit and tropical fruits, it’s tasty as well as easy on temperament and teeth.

IMI Clinical Multivitamin is designed to optimise the health of your whole family, supporting your wellbeing well into old age. 


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