Your at-home immunity kit

Staying well while you’re at home can be challenging, especially during times of stress, when our immunity suffers most.

Our practitioners’ at-home immune kit is designed to tackle nutrient deficiencies which can weaken our immunity; support some of the challenges that are presented if you do become ill; and give your body exactly what it needs to heal post-illness.

Get back to feeling your best with our supplements: backed by the research of scientists and knowledge of our practitioners.

Preventative care

For preventative care, you need these 4 supplements in your arsenal. They’ll ensure your immunity is in tip-top shape and ready to beat the bugs.

Coping while you’re ill

Add any two of these supplements to your preventative regime, as soon as you notice symptoms of illness. All three of these nutrients have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, which help you recover faster.

Post-illness recovery

Your body has been through it. During recovery, you’re looking to kick-start your health, and feel more like yourself again. These supplements help heal your mind and body for a fresh start.

We hope these recommendations help you stay well at home. Take care of yourself, and don’t forget that alongside your supplement regime, you’ll need plenty of rest and water to help speed up your recovery.